Hub Help Desk

Hub Help Desk

Welcome to the Hub Help Desk. Here you will find our FAQ, terms and conditions.

Authenticity & Methodology

The Entry-Level Skills Hub is crafted with crowd-sourced knowledge. While we're passionate about the gaming industry here at Bird's Eye View, we're a duo and not experts in every role.

Our content leans heavily on community input and research. So, accuracy is our aim, but if corrections take a moment, bear with us. Your patience means a lot!

Communication 101

Got something to share? We're all ears! Just a tiny request: when you reach out, keep things kind and constructive.

Remember, behind this hub are two eager humans, working hard to help and always learning.

Sharing & Caring

We get it; our content is pretty cool. But if you're thinking of sharing it elsewhere, do give us a shout out and please direct folks back to the hub.

Our goal is to centralise scattered entry-level game development info, making it easier to find resources for all future game makers.

Got Corrections?

Nobody's perfect! If you spot something off, use our form to propose corrections. It's our collective effort that makes this hub shine.

Privacy Matters

If you or someone you know is mentioned in the hub and wishes to be removed, just drop us an email at

We respect privacy and will act swiftly.

Role Standards & Realities

While our role standards give you a solid foundation, there's no secret formula for guaranteed employment in the competitive world of gaming. Every studio has its nuances. But hey, with the right effort and persistence, the sky's the limit!

Accessibility & Learning

We're committed to making our content accessible to all. If there's a feature that's not up to mark, we sincerely apologise.

And guess what? We're always eager for feedback. Help us be better!

Collaborate & Contribute

Got resources to share? Dream of collaborating with Bird's Eye View or fancy inviting us to your event? We're game! Let's chat: