Twitter Thread: Free Art Education

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@nowayjermaine shares channels for FREE high-quality art education they wish they had when they were 18
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January 17, 2023

Marc Brunet (Art School)

The Futur Academy (Design)

Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn (Insight)

Gobelins (Animation School)

BaM Animation (Industry Pros)

Proko (Drawing)

Cajun Koi Academy (Study Techniques)

Catsuka (Animation)

Cinema Therapy (Film Therapy)

Tiago Forte (Creative Process)

Marco Bucci (Painting)

PiXimperfect (Photoshop)

Film Riot (Indie Filmmaking)

StudioBinder (Film/Prod Management)

Adam Duff (Career/Mindset)

The Futur (Creative Business)

Every Frame A Painting (Film Essays)

Accented Cinema (Foreign Film Essays)

The Art Of Story (Story)

HEAVYPOLY (Painting/3D)

Visualize Value (Design/Business)

Channel Frederator (Cartoons)

Pixel Overload (Pixel Art)

Bobby Chiu (Artist Life)

Love Life Drawing (Life Drawing Fundamentals)

Kelsey Rodriguez (Business/Marketing)

SatoriGraphics (Graphic Design)

Paul Ingbretson (Painting History/Technique)

Alex Grigg (Animation)

Ben Marriott (Motion Design/Animation)

Sakuga (Impressive Animation)

Ethan Becker (Art Tips)

Craft Reaper (3D Paint)

Lessons From the Screenplay (Screenwriting/Story)

In Depth Cine (Cinematography/Film)

This Guy Edits (Editing)

Strip Panel Naked (Comics Analysis)

Draftsmen (Art Podcast)

FZD School (Design Podcast)

Kazone Art (Art Education/Interviews)

Cinema Cartography (Film Essays)

Brandon Sanderson (Writing)

Moderndayjames (Art Fundamentals)

TonikoPantoja (Story/Animation)

ergojosh (Art Tips)

Visual Storytellers (Film BTS)

Tavis Leaf Glover (Composition)

P.S.S. If this helped you and you wanna see how I'd tell my 16-year-old self to take advantage of it, sign up here and get weekly creative process tips for free:

Thanks to all the artists sharing their knowledge, ya'll helped me eat this last decade