Community Manager


Similar Titles

  • Community Specialist
  • Associate Community Manager
  • Assistant Community Manager
  • Community Coordinator


Most Used:

  • Tatvam
  • Social Media Platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, etc.
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Social Media Management Tools such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Buffer.
  • Discord
  • Twitch
  • Loomly
  • Google Slides / Powerpoint
  • Buffer
  • Canva

Good to Know:

  • Eventbrite
  • HubSpot
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Google Forms
  • MailChimp
  • SurveyMonkey
  • OBS
  • Jira or Trello
  • Slack or Microsoft Teams

Role Summary

A Junior Community Manager is a pivotal figure in the gaming industry, bridging the gap between developers and players, embodying a fusion of social savvy, technical aptitude, and a deep appreciation for gaming culture. Their primary tasks include managing online communities, orchestrating events, and gathering player feedback to enhance the gaming atmosphere and experience. By engaging with players on various platforms, they recognise and communicate the community's views, and manage daily operations to fulfil community-related objectives.

Their routine involves distributing vital information, promoting positive interactions, and reporting insights to the development team, aiding in aligning the game with the community's expectations. The collaborative essence of their role demands robust communication and teamwork skills as they coordinate with different departments to ensure a cohesive community experience.



The specific understanding around software tools and techniques, terminology and the responsibilities of the role.ย 

โ— Demonstrates knowledge of community management tools like social media mentions aggregator and mainstream social media platforms.

โ— Awareness of user engagement monitoring tools, especially applications like Sprout Social and their function in improving social media engagement and brand awareness.

โ— Familiarity with content creation software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Canva and Google Slides / Powerpoint.

โ— Has a clear concept of foundational game development terminology and standard community management terms including but not limited to: engagement, moderation, analytics, search engine optimisation, key performance indicator, user-generated content, assets, rigging, hitbox and user interface.

โ— Understanding of specific industry terms such as Live Operations/Games as a Service (GaaS).

โ— Insight into feedback collection, survey methodologies, and efficient player support strategies with an understanding of how that may impact the direction and progression of the company.

โ— Knowledge of the significance of networking within the gaming industry and how to build these essential connections.

โ— Well-versed in the current gaming market trends and shifts, staying informed about popular genres, emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality, and understanding player demographics and preferences across various platforms. In addition, having an understanding of how external socio-economic factors affect gaming trends and consumer behaviour.



The specific proficiency around technical skills, the types of creative and problem solving abilities, and areas of communication and adaptability.

โ— Ability to effectively navigate both gaming platforms such as Discord, and social media channels.

โ— Ability to use analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Buffer, to identify user engagement trends to help make informed decisions about content strategies, marketing efforts, and overall user experience improvements.

โ— Skill in understanding gamers, identifying their needs, and channelling feedback constructively.

โ— Has the capacity to communicate clearly, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the brand and the community.

โ— Talent for developing a consistent and engaging social media presence that aligns with the brand voice, with an awareness for current industry trends.

โ— Competence in balancing user expectations with actionable feedback for developers.



In relation to the capabilities around working within the team, and the expectations when it comes to professionalism or commitments to the role and company culture.

โ— Conveys a strong commitment to fostering community growth and engagement.

โ— Embodies a professional demeanour, especially on digital platforms, ensuring alignment with brand values.

โ— Maintains a proactive stance in community management activities like forum moderation.

โ— A willingness to adapt to the ever-evolving dynamics of the gaming community.

โ— Display a genuine representation of the company's ethos in public interactions, maintaining professionalism and enthusiasm.

โ— Exhibit a keen sense of time management and punctuality, ensuring seamless community management operations.

โ— Provides a positive and welcoming energy, always placing the community's needs at the forefront.

What to expect in the day to day duties:

โ— Responsible for facilitating an open dialogue between the players and development team on multiple social platforms and events.

โ— Duties involve crafting engaging and timely social content in line with the brand's voice and direction.

โ— Plays a key role in conceptualising and creating social media assets such as gifs, videos, images.

โ— In charge of copywriting tasks for the official social channels and the company website.

โ— Tasked with employing data from multiple analytics tools and insights to improve communication effectiveness and boost community engagement on various platforms.

โ— Charged with producing live content on platforms such as Twitch to connect with the community in real-time.

โ— Accountable for representing the brand at events and strengthening community ties. This will involve engaging in discussions with the community and being the face of the brand.

โ— Committed to staying updated with recent marketing and gaming trends to better serve the community's needs.

โ— Plays a key role in assisting with marketing campaigns, event planning, and supporting digital marketing initiatives.

โ— Entrusted with basic market research activities to understand the evolving gaming landscape and user preferences.

โ— Is integral to collaborative efforts, ensuring alignment of marketing strategies with teams, clients, and partners.


Interview One

Did you undergo any specific training or education (formal or informal) that you think was beneficial in obtaining your current role?


Describe your journey into your current role in the gaming industry.

I graduated from university in 2021 and then in August the same year I volunteered to help out with Games socials and blog writing. This gave me a few months of experience that I could put on my CV and work that I could put on my portfolio.

I spent many months applying for jobs and getting no responses or rejections for "lack of experience" - these were all entry-level jobs. The government set up the Kickstart Scheme so I managed to get a job in Games running the studioโ€™s Twitter and helping out with Discord.

My contract was coming to an end so I started looking for other jobs and was lucky enough to secure a job, where they were looking for another Community Manager to help out.

What experiences or qualifications were most critical in securing your current role?

Helping out with the Twitter and blog writing really helped me to secure the role I currently have as I managed to get some experience.

I would recommend helping out small communities anywhere possible if you have the time. Having a portfolio really helped with getting interviews.

What were some of the challenges you faced when trying to get into the industry, and how did you overcome them? Do you have any advice for individuals trying to get into your role?

The challenge I faced was the lack of studios advertising entry-level jobs and the amount of rejections due to "lack of experience". The advice I would give is have a portfolio if you can - it could be screenshots of Twitter posts, links to blog pieces you've written or even Discord. I wrote my own personal blogs before so had different ones to show.


Interview Two

Did you undergo any specific training or education (formal or informal) that you think was beneficial in obtaining your current role?

I have a degree in game development and design and Iโ€™ve been gathering certificates since after I graduated to be more well rounded.

Describe your journey into your current role in the gaming industry.

I interned at the historic Hawaii foundation as a lead writer and research intern, I worked at a cafe before I was laid off due to Covid-19, I had a contract as a game design teacher that taught traditional teachers on how to build a simple game for their lesson plans, I worked part time for griever games as their social media coordinator but got added as a narrative designer and community manager.

What experiences or qualifications were most critical in securing your current role?

A bachelors degree.

What were some of the challenges you faced when trying to get into the industry, and how did you overcome them? Do you have any advice for individuals trying to get into your role?

Not enough work experience and all internships were locked to non graduates. Meaning I couldnโ€™t participate in an internship in my senior year, the year that the schools said to specifically start applying for internships. They all looked for People who werenโ€™t graduating yet, even as a new grad they refused to even look into it. It was discouraging.

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