Curious About This Project?

Curious About This Project?

The Entry-Level Skills Hub is a dynamic guide for aspiring game developers and educators.

This hub provides a detailed overview of entry-level roles within the gaming industry, outlining the specific requirements for each position and providing real-world examples of portfolios and interviews from recent hires.

By integrating direct insights from experienced game developers and recently onboarded juniors, the hub presents an authentic reflection of industry expectations. It's a product of genuine crowd-sourced data, aiming to empower aspiring professionals and align educational standards with the dynamic needs of the gaming sector.

What is the entry level skills hub?

Who is behind this project?


Established in 2023, Bird's Eye View was conceived to equip aspiring game developers with an aerial perspective of the gaming ecosystem, empowering them to better map and plan their next steps.

At their core, they focus on bridging gaps within the educational spectrum of the gaming sector, with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Into Games is a non-profit careers and skills development organisation founded in 2019 to provide more equitable pathways into the UK games industry. Every year, we help thousands of people explore careers in games and immersive through our work in schools and our national training programmes.

We focus our resources on developing pathways and support for those from low-income or challenging backgrounds, with 100% of all funds raised going into grassroots programme work and wider national advocacy.

Sara Machado

Sara Machado is an Award-Winning Brazilian game recruiter and career strategist, with a strong emphasis on EDI and candidate experience. She currently works at Sumo Digital and is the co-founder of Bird's Eye View.

In 2023 she was selected as a MCV/Develop 30 Under 30 and a BAFTA Connect member.

For this project, she led stakeholder engagement, designed and analysed surveys, and played a pivotal role in business development and marketing strategies.

Previously she:

  • Spearheaded the Into Games & UKIE Kickstart Scheme providing over 133 young individuals from diverse backgrounds with their first game jobs.
  • Created The largest-ever Recruitment Report in Games conducting an extensive job-hunting survey, involving over 600 candidates who cumulatively spent 190 hours discussing their preferences.

Ryan Miles

Educator and creative, Ryan currently works as a Digital Learning Specialist for Infinity and co-founder of Bird’s Eye View.

For the Skills Hub project, Ryan led the role standards research, assisted with data aggregation, helped to design the surveys and contributed to the overall design and content flow.

Previously he:

  • Built 350+ hours of teaching materials including SOW, resources, references and activities based on creative employability skills.
  • Spent over 6 years teaching and creating curriculums for a wide variety of students with a range of abilities and requirements within Art and Digital Skills.

Declan Cassidy

Currently the CEO of Into Games - a non-profit organisation set up to find and develop talent into the UK video games sector. Declan commissioned and co-designed the methodology for this project.